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10 Best Features & Latest Trend for Real Estate Portal

10 Best Features & Latest Trend for Real Estate Portal

Portals are an excellent platform on which real estate agencies can list their properties.

Potential buyers who are looking at various properties available in the market can browse through the listing to make an informed choice.  

All the listed properties come with their details (price, number of rooms, location et cetera).

This makes it easier for the potential buyer to decide whether a particular property suits his/her needs.

Must-have Features in a real estate portal

Real estate portals are interactive websites through which the potential buyer can find the best property that fulfills all of his/her requirements.

Here we have listed some of the important features that real estate portals must have to make them attractive for the users.

Search based on location

The real estate portal should have advanced search filters. So that the user can enter various criteria in the filter. Like Price range, the floor size, the city, and others to get a list of properties that conforms to them.

To make it more effective, your website should have an option to show the actual location of the property on a 3D map.

You can also give the users an option to compare it with other listed properties in that area.

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Such a search that uses a 3D map also allows you to show various facilities that are located nearby and their distance, such as:

  • Hospitals.
  • Metro station.
  • Bus Stop.
  • Schools.
  • Parks.
  • Markets.
  • Malls.
  • ATMs and others.

Such a search is very useful as it addresses the key requirement of the potential buyer.

Virtual tour

Nowadays, people do not have time to visit multiple locations to physically check properties.

They want to shortlist just two or three properties and then choose one they want to buy or rent after physically visiting them.

To help them choose two or three from a long list of properties in your web portal, you should include a virtual 3D tour feature in the portal also.

These 3D tours are made possible through visualization software to provide a 360° view of all the rooms.

The potential buyer can look at various properties based on the space, the lighting, and the overall ambiance sitting in the comfort of their home.

Aerial view

The Aerial view or Sky view is an important feature that you should include in your real estate web portal.

This feature allows the potential buyer to get an aerial view of the flat or house and its surrounding areas.

Hence, this amazing feature allows the viewer to get a comprehensive view of the property without actually visiting the place.

Verified properties

The goodwill of your real estate portal may take a beating if the data provided there are not true.

You should only put information on verified properties on your website.

Therefore, whenever a potential buyer clicks on a property listed on your portal, he/she gets authentic information.

To show the authenticity of the data to the potential buyer, you should put multiple photos or videos of the properties with their listing.

In addition to photos and videos, you should collect important data about the property through your agents and display it along with the listed property.

Information about the builder

There should be a separate page in your hotel that would give comprehensive detail about the builder who is developing the property.

It should have information about their past, current, and future projects.

This will give the buyer a sense of the track record of the builder.

The page about the builder should also have the price trends of various other projects that were executed by him/her.

Price heat map  

To help the viewer arrive at an optimum decision, you should use price heat maps in your real estate web portal.

This map visually shows the price variation of the properties based on their location.

The user of your portal by simply hovering the cursor over a location can find the average price of houses listed there.

Visibility index

In addition to the price heat map, you can also include a visibility index on your website.

In this feature, the popular properties are shown in the default zoom option.

If your viewer wants to look at other properties, then they can do so by zooming in further.

Inventory demand and supply

This feature should be a part of your 3D property map. Hence, It would show the potential buyer various parts of the city where people prefer to live.

To give them a comprehensive analysis you can provide them with the rating other people gave for a particular apartment. On the basis of the locality, the society, the neighborhood, and connectivity.

This will give them a better idea of which places are ideal for their needs.

Rental agreement

To provide better services to the clients, you can include a rental agreement form within your real estate portal.

This agreement could be customized to provide basic details regarding the tenure of the agreement, availing various facilities in the property, the amount of rent payable et cetera.

Once the user puts all the information, then the agreement would be created and the client has to pay the stamp duty and a nominal fee for this service.

After the rent agreement is notarized, it would be mailed to the user.


All the features we have mentioned would make your real estate web portal more user-friendly and significantly improve the overall user experience. 

Hence, you should consider these features whether you want to update your existing real-estate portal or launch a new one.