MN1 Guide (British Citizenship for your Child)

Seeking British citizenship is the ultimate settlement journey for each individual. Along with adults, the British citizenship details and procedure for children also matter because it has its own procedure, form, and requirements. If your child is f 18 years or above then it won’t fulfill the separate criteria of British citizenship for the child. Your child in this case […]

What is a Certificate of Sponsorship?

The certificate of sponsorship(CoS) is an electronic document issued by the licenced UK sponsor (or Employer) to every skilled worker or staff they hire. There is a mention of a Unique reference number(URN) using which every migrant worker applies for a job. The Certificate of Sponsorship(CoS) is the validation for each employer which the migrant workers can use to confirm […]

How to Start an Electric Scooter Rental Business

As the thriving of electric-scooter-sharing corporations like bird and lime everywhere the globe, operational and electrical scooter rental business has become an honest chance to speculate. Today we’ll reveal the blueprint of the way to begin an electrical scooter rental business step by step.  Let us dive right in: Analysis the Regulation in your Space Firstly, you wish to try […]