5 Qualities of Pure cotton Fabric to choose material online

5 Qualities of Pure cotton Fabric to choose material online

Cotton is undoubtedly a great choice when it comes to choosing fabric for making a dress. They are available widely and come in many varieties of texture – be it light weight lawn and voile or heavy weight velvets and moleskin. 

Best cotton fabrics are generally easy to sew and are durable and also easy to wash. Cotton fabrics come in a diverse range of quality and price. It tends to shrink when it is washed. So, you should wash the fabric before you start sewing it.

Five Qualities of Pure Cotton Fabric

There are generally three types of cotton fabric that are grown for commercial purposes all over the world. And certain characteristics of cotton fabrics not only make them stand out as luxury products but also provide durability and great comfort to the wearer.

Such essential quality components of pure cotton fabric are:

  • Cotton fabrics can be dyed easily into bright-colored clothes and the chances of color leakage are almost zero. Due to their abrasion resistance and long-term washability, the color tends to stay on longer than any other natural fabric. They are easy to iron and wear as heat does not damage the dyes on a cotton fabric easily.
  • Cotton fabrics are gentle on the skin and non-toxic to the human body. Due to this reason, people choose cotton fabrics for intimate wear, infant wear, and clothing for children. On top of that, cotton fabrics are alkali and acid-resistant. Most of the time cotton fabrics can act as a partial shield against external pollution.
  • The texture quality speaks a lot about cotton fabric. Ideally, the cotton fabric has long-length staple fibers or 100% ELS, which gives it a uniform and almost silky feel. Cotton fabrics are of shorter fibers or synthetic blends that give them a sober lustre. Most online fabric stores will be mentioning the ELS of fabric in their description.
  • The production of high-quality pure cotton fabric is almost completely sustainable. Organic production of cotton fabric is eco-friendly and vegan. This will also reflect on the quality of the resultant product, and you will have no trouble in figuring out the use of synthetic chemicals if any, as that will reflect in the material quality.
  • Cotton fabrics must have great moisture absorption and air permeability capability. These properties make them great raw materials for the manufacturing of summer clothing including women’s tops, formal shirts, trousers, handkerchiefs, underwear, etc. The better the breathability of cotton fabric, the better is its overall production quality.

How To Choose The Right Cotton Fabric While Buying Online?

The selection of the best fabric for dresses consists of various steps. When you are purchasing the fabric material online stores, you need to rely on the description of the product provided. 

Go for a trustworthy online store that provides you with the correct details of the product they are selling. You need to find out the correct information and see whether they match those of the website.

You can choose any fabric type as per your choice.

  • First, you need to select your project. There are lots of ways to do so. You can take suggestions from Pinterest or any other website. While searching for your project you will receive a lot of information about the kind of clothes’ material required for the garment.
  • Then, before you go into any online fabric shop, you should always do some research about the garment that you are about to make. There is nothing better than being able to touch the fabric and feel it. In the case of online shopping, you need to trust the details provided by the website to buy the unstitched dress material.
  • You must know the properties of the fabric. If you are a beginner, cotton fabric is the best one that you should choose. Cotton fabric is the easiest to cut, stitch, and work on. It is safe for experimentation and wearing it has minimal side effects for the average human being.
  • Always check the durability, softness, and breathability of the fabric. Cotton is very versatile and they possess all the three qualities that are mention above. An example of this is the jacquard fabric which is so versatile that it can be used in any season.
  • In the case of online shopping, you can test the fabric quality using the light test. You have to rely on high-quality images provided by the websites and the reviewers of the unstitched dress material and check whether it is fully transparent between the woven fabrics. If yes, then it is a sign that the fabric is not woven properly and it may lose its shape or may shrink later on. They must possess a regular pattern of smooth rows.
  • The cleverest thing to do while shopping online for unstitched material is to look at the reputed reviews of other buyers and learn from them. Try to especially focus on buyers who have amateur to professional sewing skills as their reviews will be more detailed and accurate.


As you can see, buying cotton embroidery fabric is not an easy job. And doing so online mode is even tougher. You need to have good knowledge about the fabric and have some experience before buying the product.