Stress management therapy: Ayurveda stress relief

With increasing deadlines & household responsibilities, stress is a common word that we hear these days. Stress is the feeling of being deluged in physical or mental tension that leads to headaches, insomnia, overthinking, anxiety, and much more. Back in the times when teenagers were seen playing cricket, now we see them competing for better scores, placements & finally jobs. […]

The Future of BPO Services in the Post-COVID-19 Era

Covid-19 has harmed practically every business and industry especially BPO Services. The commercial circumstances that Covid-19 has created are unprecedented, and various organizations are scrambling to respond. The impact of Covid-19 on the BPO business is extensive and multifaceted, and several BPO service providers or BPO firms are still making changes to address its consequences. The BPO sector is very […]

COVID-19: How to Remain positive during COVID-19?

What brings you happiness sometimes also becomes the reason for sadness. After all, happy and worried days are a part of life. The current covid-19 pandemic has created a vast and deep hole with complete darkness in the life of many people. Those who have lost someone can surely tell how it feels to lose their loved ones. Along with […]