MN1 Guide (British Citizenship for your Child)

MN1 Guide (British Citizenship for your Child)

Seeking British citizenship is the ultimate settlement journey for each individual. Along with adults, the British citizenship details and procedure for children also matter because it has its own procedure, form, and requirements.

If your child is f 18 years or above then it won’t fulfill the separate criteria of British citizenship for the child. Your child in this case can directly apply as an adult.

How can you check whether you can apply for your child’s citizenship?

If your child is not born in the UK or is not a British citizen, you will be eligible to apply for citizenship of your child. However, largely it depends upon where your child was born and your immigration status at the time of your child’s birth.

If you have also applied for citizenship yourself, you can apply for your child at the same time while making your application. But you will need to fill a separate form for your child and a different form for yourself. 

If your child is above 10 years of age, they must bear a good character. And there should be no involvement in any criminal activities.

Conditions to register your child for British citizenship 

You may be eligible to apply for registering your child’s British citizenship if:

  1. You are allowed to reside in the UK permanently(as a settled person) after the birth of your child
  2. The father of your child is a  British citizen or someone settled in the UK when your child took birth
  3. You joined the United Kingdom armed forces after you gave birth to your child 
  4. Your child had lived in the UK for at least 10 years after he/she got married. 

Application process for applying for your child’s citizenship

The form used to apply for your child’s citizenship is MN1

Important details to be filled in the form by you on behalf of your child:

  1. Personal details: This is the first section of the form that requires you to mention details about yourself. And the child who is registering for British citizenship.

You must make sure to fill this section in block capitals with black ink. Since this information will appear on their registration certificate, it is important to make sure it can be read easily and avoid mistakes.

  1. Residence/Address: This section asks you to fill in the UK residence address history and where all he has stayed.
  2. Parent’s residential details: This section asks you to mention the detailed address of either of the parents who is a British citizen by descent.
  3. Mentioning references: You must mention two references in the child’s form for British citizenship.

A referee for our child’s application must not be:

  1. Directly related to the child
  2. Be the solicitor, adviser, lawyer, or any caseworker representing your child’s citizenship application
  3. Be working in the UK visa and immigration
  4. Hold any previous criminal conviction or provide false information
  5. keep the important information away from the UK visa and immigration.

You need to make an online application form for your child’s citizenship application and upload all the relevant documents as asked by the UK visa and immigration. And pay the required fee of  £936 for Form MN1 and a biometric enrolment fee of £19.20.

You must also take legal assistance when it comes to understanding the form and filling it correctly. A Y & J Solicitors have been helping numerous clients to gain successful British citizenship through their bespoke visa and immigration services.