Say NO To Medications & Drugs: Relieve Depression with Physical Therapy

Depression and high-anxiety disorders are highly prevalent nowadays. It results not only in an enormous amount of human misery and lost health, but also leads to significant impairment in the ability to undertake the activities associated with day-to-day living. Moreover, the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic has built an environment where many determinants of poor mental health are exacerbated. Several […]

How to support students’ mental health during covid

During the COVID pandemic, students are one of those who suffered the most. Their academics have been affected as well as their social learnings, therefore, it is being more tough and crucial for teachers as well to attend to the students’ mental health needs. Here are some ways to counter and make the effects less on students’ minds: Emphasize social-emotional […]

All about Cloud Computing You need to know

Nowadays you can easily hear the statement that cloud computing is the life of mobile and computers. As such, cloud computing has become very popular in the last few years.  But still, most people don’t know much about the cloud. Why is cloud computing like sitting with your laptop in the clouds on high mountains? Or does cloud computing mean […]

10 Tips for Developing Your Leadership Skills

“Am I an effective leader?” This is one question that everyone wonders about while taking a step ahead in their career with their leadership skills. And the answer doesn’t lie in a simple yes and no.  It all depends on the building blocks that you lean on to shape your own effectiveness as an individual and a professional. Because effective […]