Interested in a seamless user experience? The secret lies in Wireframes for mobile apps

It’s the equivalent of building a house from scratch without a blueprint: a wireframe is essential to the development of every website. Wireframes are schematic designs that depict how a website will function and how users will navigate around it. However Avoiding the wireframe process might result in a website that provides an unsatisfactory user experience. By reading this post […]

All about Cloud Computing You need to know

Nowadays you can easily hear the statement that cloud computing is the life of mobile and computers. As such, cloud computing has become very popular in the last few years.  But still, most people don’t know much about the cloud. Why is cloud computing like sitting with your laptop in the clouds on high mountains? Or does cloud computing mean […]

Trends that are altering the future of IT support

We are in the middle of changing businesses and industries in significant ways. Known as the fourthindustrial revolution or industry 4.0, this revolution cause enormous transformation in IT support as it has been in theprevious three courses in how our workplaces and the globe operate. The First Industrial Revolution beganmechanization in the 1770s. A century later, the Second Industrial Revolution […]