The Great Potential Of Techwear Industry

The Great Potential Of Techwear Industry

Techwear style is a fashion trend that has rapidly gained popularity over the past few years. When it comes to Techwear, people will immediately think of the convenience and absolute comfort that they can bring. Because of that, the Techwear industry has a huge potential in the fashion industry. Let’s find out together.

1. What is Techwear?

Right from its name “Techwear” has also revealed its personality, which can be roughly understood as “Technological wear”, that is, items that use advanced technologies in both materials and techniques to create.

Many people think that these are the most versatile items of all time because they not only help you keep warm when the cold winter comes, make you more comfortable on windy days, but also provide absolute support in keeping you cool. dry when suddenly encountering rain.

Items designed for streetwear style not only possess advantages in materials but also in form. Although not as colorful as many other fashion styles, with only basic colors such as black, white, gray … with the same development orientation in the style of minimalism, Techwear is currently very much loved by international fashion catwalks. like and promote.

Techwear also has a close relationship with Outdoor-wear (Outdoor Techwear Clothing) in that both focus on developing technological functional factors and convenient applicability in operation, protecting the body against the elements. environment. The difference is that Techwear emphasizes fashion, has a futuristic feel with more “cool” ways, while Outdoor is simplified with unnecessary details, favors functionality, and always follows designs. basic.

Techwear is a forward-looking trend that places a lot of emphasis on product functionality. The criteria for making Techwear items are carefully considered, one of the leading factors is the application of technology. Insulation, durable, stretchy material, UV protection function of the Sun, waterproof, breathable … are the top priorities for the “professionals” to create a Techwear product.

2. Characteristic properties of Techwear

Techwear is a great combination of its fashion and function. Therefore, Techwear focuses on jackets to be worn as the top layer every time you step foot on the street. However, if only the jacket is boring, Techwear also develops on many other basic items such as pants, tees, hats, gloves, and accessories. This makes Techwear a huge potential in the fashion market.

3. Potential items of Techwear

Techwear is not for anyone. Techwear is only for those who are passionate and dare to live their passion. If you are passionate enough and want to try, please “check out” these items immediately.

Let’s take a look at some basic Techwear items that anyone should have to dress well, especially beginners, so please note it right away and choose a beautiful day to shop right away.

Jacket (Outerwear or Outer Layer)

There are 2 types of outerwear in Tech wear style: Softshell and Hardshell.

If Hardshell refers to jackets that protect you from absolute weather problems such as rain, wind, snow … then Softshell (usually will have a waterproof coating – called DWR) supports protect you from rain or lighter snowfalls.

In addition, Softshell jackets are also often designed to be lighter, easier to operate, and more comfortable than Hardshell models… And Softshell jackets will not protect you completely from the effects of damage. external environment as Hardshell has done.


Just like in a rock band, most fans will give their love to the musicians who play the riff of the song (simply understood as the climax, the best part of a piece of music). will love the bass players.

But people forget that without the bass player, the riff wouldn’t stand out. That is why the musicians in charge of the bass part are very important.

The same goes for Techwear, base-layer is a simple, but indispensable part, because it is the basis for your body and skin to feel most comfortable. Items that can be put into the base layer: underwear, socks or t-shirts, and some other items.

Moreover, because it is a new product line, there are many promotions, discount codes, coupons launched to help customers save a lot of money when buying.


The styles of pants designed for the Techwear style are always the most controversial issue. Because this is a fashion style towards convenience and comfort, the pants designed also need to meet the needs: light, comfortable, easy to operate, waterproof, many pockets …

It can be said that in the present, the fashion giants of Hi-Tech are racing on the road to design the most perfect pants.


A lightweight, waterproof and simple sneaker is the final condition for you to create the perfect outfit for your Techwear style. 

4. International Brands Leading Techwear Trends


Considered as the first brand to open the Hi-Tech fashion trend, this is a brand from Germany and has been established for over 20 years (since 1994). This brand not only produces trend-leading items, but even in the way of advertising, it is as minimalistic as possible. Do not advertise Pr much on media sites, the only thing they care about is their products.

After that, the Techwear style began to become popular, base layer fashion brands noticed.

NikeLab ACG

By 2018, All Conditions Gear had officially become the sub-label for Nike’s Techwear style, beating out the big boss of Techwear style Hugh-Acronym. 

Adidas Y-3

The distinctive 3-stripes design makes the Adidas Y-3 special and makes it one of the favorite items of young people. 


Brooklyn-based brand, this is the brand that has produced pants with extremely high stretch, while integrating the existing water resistance.


Material factors and features are very focused in Techwear, playing a key role, creating the difference between brands. Therefore, Techwear has great potential in the field of fashion. If you are interested, hurry up and buy yourself Techwear outfits to experience using discount codes and coupons to save. Hope this article will help you make the right choice.