Top Businesses to Open in 2022 in a Steel Building

Top Businesses to Open in 2022 in a Steel Building

Do you want to start a new business in 2022 but are not sure of which direction to take with it? Starting a business can be a highly rewarding experience for you that comes with many perks, but you need to know that you are entering a profitable industry. That is why we have put together this list of the best businesses to open in 2022 in a steel building.

Why Start a Business in a Steel Building?

When you think of a steel building, you probably think of an industrial warehouse, which may not look appealing to potential customers. However, that is not how all steel buildings look anymore. Steel buildings are affordable and highly customizable to fit whatever business idea you have. If the steel aesthetic is what you are not interested in, there are many siding options available to change that. You can make it look wooden or stucco or even add faux stone or brick veneer to it. 

It is also the strongest building material in the world, and steel buildings have been known to survive hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, and other weather events. Plus, they are fire-resistant, so your insurance premium is likely to be less than in a wooden building. Since steel is so durable, it does not require much maintenance either, so you will save money on the upkeep of your building. Steel also keeps out pests and rodents, as well as mold and rot, all of which you would risk when opening a business in a building made of wood. 

Overall, opening a business in a steel building is the best choice to give your business the exact look and layout you need. 

Pet Grooming Salon or Doggy Daycare

People love their dogs and will always be willing to spend money on their grooming and care. That is why opening a dog grooming salon or doggy daycare in a steel building is an excellent business venture. Steel is perfect for this business venture because of how customizable it is. You can easily design the building to accommodate multiple animals, give them plenty of space to play, and even set up more isolated areas for dogs that do not do well with other dogs. If you are an animal lover, this is the perfect business opportunity for you.

steel building for pet grooming salon

Coffee Shop

Coffee is another business that will not be going anywhere. If you enjoy working with people, making coffee, and possibly even cooking or baking, then opening a coffee shop in a steel building could be a lucrative business opportunity for you. If you do not want to build a coffee shop from the ground up, there are many chains with franchise opportunities that you can look into.

Car Wash

Car washes are another excellent business opportunity for 2022. People will always need their cars washed, and many are willing to pay to get them washed. These can be a highly profitable business venture, especially if there is not another car wash in the area of town you are opening yours in.

steel building for cash wash area

Auto Repair

The other thing that people will always need as long as they have cars is to get them repaired. Daily use will eventually make the cars need to be repaired eventually, and the auto repair industry is booming for this reason. You can open one in a steel building to customize it how you would like to be to meet the needs of your business plan.

steel building for garage

Brewery or Winery

Opening a microbrewery, winery, or even a distillery in a steel building can be a highly lucrative business venture that would do well in a steel building. You can make it a restaurant too, bringing in even more business. Of course, you will need some knowledge on how to brew beer, wine, or liquor to get started, but it is something you can learn how to do. This is a high-demand industry because people love good beer or wine, and they are willing to spend a little more for it.

steel building for brewery


People are always looking for a new gym to try to get fit, which is why the fitness industry is always booming. It might seem like the market is saturated, but there is still a need and a high demand for new gyms all over the country. Opening them in a steel building allows you to design the building however you want, and you can always make the building bigger if the need demands it. If you open a gym or fitness center in 2022, it might be a good idea to also offer some virtual personal training sessions for those who are still choosing social distancing or cannot come into the gym but want to get fit.

steel building for Gym


The eCommerce industry is huge and constantly growing. If you want to open an eCommerce business, you will need somewhere to store your inventory and put your orders together. Renting out space for the business can get expensive, so it makes sense to purchase a steel building for your eCommerce company. You can also rent out space to other businesses in your steel building, too, if you have space you are not using. It is a good way to make a somewhat passive income while running your eCommerce business.


Self-storage is another booming industry that steel buildings are perfect for. People need places to store their belongings as they downsize, and a self-storage facility is where they usually turn to for this. The market may seem saturated in some areas, but it is a popular, lucrative business in 2022. Since storage facilities often do not need much maintenance, this can be a relatively passive income for you. 

steel building for self storage


Starting a new business in 2022 can be a lucrative venture if you have the expertise in the industry you are choosing and ensure that there is a need for the business you want to open in your area. We hope this list of businesses to open using a steel building can help point you in the right direction when deciding what kind of business you wish to open. 

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