What are the top 7 business ideas with low investment?

What are the top 7 business ideas with low investment?

It is a fact that a perfect business idea leads to success. Before starting any business you need to find out the best areas for growth and development and business ideas with low investment.

Here are the top 7 business ideas with low investment-

1. Market handmade products

You can prepare handicrafts and put them on sale in the market. In addition, you can sell your products on e-commerce platforms. This will help you to earn high profits with low investments.

2. Begin a dropshipping store

Dropshipping is a method to fulfill retail. You can initiate an online store without doing inventory. Nowadays, this business is becoming popular as it does not require single money for inventory. 

For instance, you make a sale of a product & give it to a supplier for delivery. The supplier hand-over the products precisely at the customers’ address. This process saves you time. You don’t even require the handling of inventory.

3. Digital marketing & web development agency

A digital marketing & web development agency is required to sell your products. It does not matter from which country you are selling them. You can initiate the agency at a lower cost and earn high commissions from businesses.

4. Food business

The food business is comparatively easy to initiate. This business requires minimum expenses to operate as compared to other businesses. For instance, you can initiate a cloud kitchen as it requires a cook and raw food items. The online system helps you to create orders.

5. Dairy products

Dairy products such as milk, curd, cottage cheese, etc, are always in demand. Due to this, the dairy business is termed a highly beneficial business in India. You can initiate this business from a shop or home. Moreover, you can offer sweets and other dairy-related products.

6. Pickle making business

 One of the best homemade base businesses for women is the pickle-making business. This business requires investment just in raw items. You can set up this business as part-time or full-time. 

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7. GST Suvidha Kendra

GST Suvidha Kendra is a one-stop solution for GST-related services. You will be able to set up a GST center at any place. It is a highly profitable & low investment business in India. This business offers various benefits and requires the following things-

  • A commercial area
  • Basic knowledge of computer
  • Laptop
  • Internet
  • Printer & 
  • A device for fingerprints.

What are the tips to grow a business?

You can grow your business by following the below tips-

1. Evaluate your competitors

You should analyze your competitors to successfully grow your business. This will aid you to identify how you can improve your business plan of action.

2. Get organized

A business is successful when you are organized. Every day you should create a to-do list. Tick the ones that are checked from your list. This will keep you updated with the tasks and help you to grow your business.

3. Be creative

Always look for ways to enhance your business. You should be open to different approaches and new ideas for your business. In this way, you can profitably drive your business.

4. Be consistent

A key component to making a highly profitable business is consistency. Keep doing your necessary & everyday tasks for long-term business growth. 

5. Stay 

There is a saying which says “Rome was not built in a day”. It means that it takes time to set up great work. This phrase applies in the business too. You should focus on your short-term goals to have a highly profitable business.

6. Keep records of details

A detailed record is necessary to successfully run a business. By keeping the records you can get to know where problems are arising. Moreover, you can create strategies for those problems. 

7. Deliver great services

Customer service is the most crucial part of business growth. Hence, the business should provide better service to attract customers. This will aid you to build your business with low investment.

8. Increase your business visibility

An important point to creating a business value is the online presence of the business. You should claim your business on Google. It is recommended not to promote your website through a third party. Instead, build a website and work smart on it.

Is there any business with low investment for housewives?

A housewife has many responsibilities at home. It is not possible for them to initiate a low investment business. There are some businesses for housewives with low investments. They are-

1. Start a youtube channel

You (housewives) can earn a high income by initiating a youtube channel. Also, you can generate revenue through sponsors and ads. The best idea on the youtube channel for housewives is cooking classes. This idea can help you to generate a high income every month.

2. Search for translation jobs

You can earn high commissions through translation jobs. These jobs are available on online platforms. You can translate web pages, documents, and even books. 

3. Publicize your homemade items

The easiest and simplest way to earn money is through publicizing your homemade items. You can sell items like pickles, jewellry from scratch, baking goods, etc. Moreover, you can adopt social media platforms to sell these items.

4. Insurance PoSP (Point of Sale Person)

You can become an insurance PoSP and easily earn a high commission from home with GST Suvidha Kendra. This business requires low investment & flexible working hours. 

There are more businesses that you can initiate from home. The above business requires basic computer skills and an internet connection. You can work as per your flexible schedule too. 


In today’s world becoming an entrepreneur is now easier. If you have a solid plan that consists of low investment & high profit, initiate it. There are more business ideas other than the above with low investment. Here are a few-

  • Freelancing
  • Online fashion boutique
  • Online coaching
  • Yoga classes
  • Career counseling
  • Software training
  • Photocopy shop
  • Dance class 
  • Blogging & vlogging, etc.

All these businesses require minimal investment and provide you with high ROI. These business ideas help you to get rid of things like retail space costs, inventory  & warehouse.

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Mr. Sattish Bhatt is a Senior Digital Marketing Manager with extensive years of working experience at GST SUVIDHA KENDRA. In his spare time, he read new things about digital marketing.