Stress management therapy: Ayurveda stress relief

Stress management therapy: Ayurveda stress relief

With increasing deadlines & household responsibilities, stress is a common word that we hear these days. Stress is the feeling of being deluged in physical or mental tension that leads to headaches, insomnia, overthinking, anxiety, and much more. Back in the times when teenagers were seen playing cricket, now we see them competing for better scores, placements & finally jobs. With societal pressure, one always has something to worry about. 

You must’ve attended webinars on the subjects of mental health illness or would have seen posts or videos creating awareness about mental health. These activities help in having the awareness we need, especially in India. 

Most of the time when we face stress, we divert our minds by probably working, talking to someone, or simply by watching Netflix. But, these solutions are not permanent. To find a solution to your stress, you need to know how to manage stress. 

The next question of yours is obvious, how do we manage stress? Hold on! 

 Ayurvedic treatments for stress are a savior. It helps you to make yourself feel better. The only thing required from your end is a commitment to give time for yourself. 


  1.  Helps you sleep better
  2. Improves your physical well-being as well as mental well being 
  3. No toxins or chemically treated medicines go inside of your body 
  4. Keeps you energized throughout the day
  5. Improves your focus 
  6. Cleanses & rejeunivates our bodies


 Stress at some point in time is ignored & overlooked by many of us. Little do we know how harmful it can be for our mental health. Acute stress is the first step towards depression. Depression is again a word under-rated & used wrongly, but trust us you never want to experience this dark side.

 But if you know someone or feel that you might be close to the stages of depression, Ayurveda is the best treatment of depression because it provides a holistic approach to life & the way it is lived. 

Herbal remedies, cleaning, and rejuvenating techniques are processes included in the best Ayurveda treatments for depression. 

Indulging self-care is one of the major aspects to curb stress & depression. Taking a bath, drinking herbal tea, doing oil massage, sitting in the shade of trees, reading a book & exercising are all key ingredients to having better days of peace. 


The most common result of stress is Insomnia, the inability to sleep. Therefore, Ayurveda has created some cures of insomnia:- 

  1. Food: The easiest cure for insomnia is adding essential food commodities into our daily lifestyle. The most common one is having warm milk with almonds or cardamom (ilaayachee) before sleeping. Also, a handful of grapes before going to bed act as a cure for insomnia. 
  2. Body Massage (Samvahana): Body massages are a great way to relieve stress because they concentrate on specific pressure points which generate serotonin that helps our bodies to sleep.
  3. Herbs: Ayurveda is all about natural treatments & hence herbs of Ashwagandha & Brahmi are known to be helpful when you have 2 teaspoons with a glass of water every day. They have detoxifying effects on our bodies. 
  4. Yoga & Meditation: Ayurveda promotes Yoga & Meditation on higher levels. You get clarity when you preform breathing exercises & asana’s (body movements). It brings you inner peace by turning your mind and body into a single calm soul. It helps you open to new thoughts & think of endless possibilities, in general, it is a  great relaxation technique that every human body should practice. 
  5. Change in Lifestyle: Eating & exercising in regular intervals is critical to get a sound sleep. There should be a fixed time of intake of food & enough time between the intake and exercising period. When your body follows a regular pattern, it is less likely possible to have your sleep pattern disturbed. 


YOLO!- You live only once but it’s only you who can make it worth it. So let’s say goodbye with the best Ayurveda treatments to stress & make our minds a lot peaceful. The natural way is the only way that can treat your long-term problems, with that being said Ayurveda is considered to be the best treatment of depression. 

Let’s remember the fact that mental health is as important as our physical health. We need to flourish ourselves into vibrant human beings that can only happen with a pleasant mind. Concluding with a quote, “Every human being is the author of its health & disease.”